Egg Noodle Soup (Mì)

One Size: $ 7.75

#31 Mì Bò Kho

Egg noodle with beef stew

#32 Mì Bò Viên

Egg noodle with meatballs

#33 Mì Gà

Egg noodle in chicken soup with chicken

#34 Mì Đồ Biển

Egg noodle with shrimp, crab stick and fish balls

#35 Mì Cá Viên

Egg noodle with fish balls

#69. Bún Bò Huế

Hue style thick vermicelli soup with beef and pork

Small Bowl: $ 6.75
Large Bowl: $ 7.75

Note:  Prices may vary by location.

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