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Pho starts with a aromatic beef or chicken broth, made by simmering high quality beef, beef bones and spices for beef soup, and free roaming chickens and spices are used for the chicken soup. Next you decide which kind of noodles you would like, the standard is a thin, flat rice noodle but you can choose from egg noodles, clear noodles, or even thick round rice noodles. Last but not least, you choose from eye round steak, well done lean meat, well done flank, soft tendon, fatty brisket, white omasum beef tripe, skirt flank, and beef meat balls; that 64 possible combinations, any which way you like it. For chicken, we offer white and dark meat chicken, or a combination of both. Seafood soup offers shrimp, fish balls and imitation crab meat. Beef stew served with a French baguette or your choice of rice noodles or egg noodles, is thicker and heartier with chucks of beef in the stew. Other alternatives include meatless soup and tofu noodle soup. All soups are served with a fresh plate of bean sprouts, lemon, spicy green peppers, cilantro and basil leaves.

Although soups are our specialty, we also offer char grilled slices of beef, pork, chicken or shrimp with rice vermicelli served on a bed of crisp shredded lettuce, cucumbers, bean sprouts and mint leaves. Rice dishes are also popular, char grilled beef, pork, chicken, or shrimp served with fragrant jasmine rice is sure to hit the spot. May we suggest lightly fried tofu as a substitute for vegetarians.

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